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‘Safer Neighbourhood Boards’ are in place in every London Borough,bringing police and communities together to decide local policing and crime priorities, solve problems collaboratively and make sure the public areinvolved in a wide range of other ‘community safety’ decisions.

The SaferNeighbourhood Board in Greenwich is called the Greenwich Safer Neighbourhood Board (GSNB). The GSNB meet regularly to hold the police to account and to ensure communities are more closely involved in problem solving and crime prevention. It also exist to ensure the royal borough makes efficient use of resources to deliver value for money and target funds at tackling issues of local concern.

Safer Greenwich is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation(CIO) set up to run the GSNB.

The objectives of Safer Greenwich are:

To promote for the public benefit in Greenwich, in partnership with the police and the local community, the protection of people and property from, and the prevention of, criminal acts.

Safer Greenwich plans and chairs GSNB meetings, and is responsible for running the finances of the GSNB.

Safer Greenwich is also responsible for agreeing and monitoring funding bids for community safety projects funded by the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC). For information on the type of projects funded to date contact

Safer Greenwich also provides support to Neighbourhood Watch and Safer Neighbourhood Panels.

The GSNB meets every quarter and the Safer Greenwich Board of Trustees meets prior to those meetings to plan the GSNB agenda. Both meetings are by invitation only.

Annually, the GSNB holds a Public Meeting which gives you a chance to question the police about crime issues in Greenwich, this meeting is preceded by the Safer Greenwich Annual General Meeting.

If you have any questions about Safer Greenwich or GSNB, please contact

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Minutes - Safer Neighbourhood Board Meeting held on Thursday 20 Sep 2018


Eileen Glover – Eltham South SNP (EG)

Errol Lawrence – Independent Advisory Group (EL)

Susan Hailes – METRO (SH)

Gilles Cabon – Greenwich Inclusion Project (GC)

Naomi Goldberg – METRO GAVS (NG)

Peter Durant – Greenwich West SNP (PD)

Steve Bone – Stop & Search Panel (SB)

Alison Cullen – Kidbrooke with Hornfair SNP (AC)

Stacy Smith – Her Centre (SS)

Karen Hughes – Woolwich Common SNP (KH)

Julie Clark – Victim Support (JC)

Ruth Willshire – Metropolitan Greenwich (RW)

Cheryl Spruce – Neighbourhood Watch (CS)

Melisa Simpson – METRO GAVS (MS)


Alf Wright – Plumstead SNP (AW)

Ray Seabrook – RBG (RS)

Councillor Jackie Smith – RBG (JS)

Havana Wellings-Longmore (HWL)

1. Welcomeand Introductions.

EG Welcomedeverybody to the meeting and introductions were made

2. Minutesof the previous meeting held on 17 May 2018

The minutes of the last meeting were agreedas accurate.

To follow up on the following actions mentioned in theprevious meeting:

Action 1: RW to work with SH and GCon sending out information to response teams explaining how the hate crime casepanel works.

Action 2: EG with support from MS toask the Borough Commander/Andy Carter to provide a written update on thefollowing issues to be distributed before the next SNB meeting

  • information on the basic training at Hendon aroundworking with people with vulnerabilities
  • an update around violent crime and burglaryincluding

    • ward numbers and times of day of burglariesalong with information on when out houses/shed burglaries were moved intoresidential numbers

    • Information on the gangs matrix

  • a BCU structure chart

  • an update on how hate crime training could beprogressed more urgently for response teams

  • more detail around local understanding on theincrease in numbers of rapes.

Action 3: EG to ask JS if a reportback on the violence taskforce could be made at the SNB.

Allother action items have taken place.

3. Mattersarising


4. DetailedDiscussion Item: Domestic Violence (DV) with a presentation by Stacy Smith fromHer Centre

SS explained that the Her Centre has been operatingfor 21 years and empower women to avoid abuse and move on with their lives.They work mainly in Greenwich, but have a Young Persons Advocate working inBexley. They work with women from 12/13 years providing services such as:

  • 1:1s
  • DV advocacy

  • Support groups, associate groups, motivationalgroups run by a professional counsellor

  • Individual 1:1 counselling

  • A follow-up support worker who works with women tohelp them get into work placements, which are run with GLLAB

  • 3/4 open women’s forums every year for thegeneral public

  • Free women only basic English classes.

SSexplained that the police have a DV engagement team with 2 female officers whogo to high risk reported cases and will physically take women to a refuge orget an emergency civil protection order if needed. The Police Intervention Team(PIT) can arrest perpetrators who breach restraining/protection orders, butwill also look at other reasons for arrest including history of crimes. In somecases the police have worked with perpetrators themselves.

5. MOPAC18/19 Funding update by NG.

NG reported that the MOPOAC funding hasbeen received for the first 6 months of the year. Cheques will be issued tofunded groups in the next few weeks. Thought has been put into the fundingprocess for next year, with the aim of creating a smoother process with MOPAC.

Unfortunately MOPAC has put this year’sfirst round funding into the GAVS’ bank account, but they have made acommitment to putting the 2nd round of funding into the SaferGreenwich account.


EG will give a written report in advance about the progress of in-houseprojects, so any questions can be addressed during the meetings. All to informEG of questions in advance.

MainItem: Crime and Policing Performance Information – presentation by RuthWillshire followed by Questions


RW gave some figures on hate crime,explaining that over the last 2 years there have been:

  • 990 racial incidents
  • 113 homophobic incidents

  • 69 faith hate crime incidents

  • 57 islamaphobic incidents (action 5: RW to check if this is within the above 69 figure)

  • 36 disability hate crimes

  • 12 transgender hate crimes

  • 5 anti-submitted racial incidents reported

The total number of victims reported overthat period comes to 1136 and of those 74 were repeat victims (6.8%).

Hate crime is supported by the CommunitySafety Unit (CSU). RW confirmed that DV is not categorised under hate crime.

Greenwich have issued the highest number ofDV protection notices.


RW gave some figures on knife crimeoffences:

  • April - 35
  • May – 45

  • June – 43

  • July – 39

  • Aug - 22

Enhanced police have been used in WoolwichTown Centre for a knife search operation running at the coffee lounge andMcDonalds, targeted at the rising crime levels recently experienced. A 48 hoursdispersal order has also been used to target the increase in violent crime, andto give officers additional powers to move people along if they’re causingdisorder/problems in the area.

The police are working with the Council ontheir Knife Crime Task Force to put in plans and processes to work inpartnership to deal with issues around knife crime e.g. a knife crime conference aimed at the faithleaders in the borough

The police have also delivered successful presentationsat school assemblies and classes as part of preventative measures.

RW is looking into hate crime trainingfocusing initially on the Neighbourhood Teams. Alongside this training,training around stop and search is also aimed to be delivered. In the long runthe aim is to incorporate both trainings within the regular training providedby The Centre to assist in day-to-day tasks.

RW explained it is the Mayor’s commitmentthat there are two DWOs for each ward, however there are certain days of theyear where this is lifted e.g. Notting Hill Carnival.

Action5:RW will check if the high proportion of knife crime figures which are relatedto domestic abuse are recorded on the dashboard as domestic abuse or knife crime.

Action 6: RW to give figures of knifecrime with injury from Apr to Aug.

Action 7: RW will clarify whether thedispersal notice is just for Woolwich, or also for Riverside Ward.

MotorVehicle (MV) Crime

RW explained that this encompasses theft ofMVs, theft from MVs and touching or criminal damage to MVs as well. MVs includecars and motorbikes.

Action 8: RW will go back to sergeantand run the figures on MV crime.


RW explained that Greenwich are mergingwith Bexley and Lewisham and go live in November. The 3 boroughs will beworking together as a BCU, and their vision is to: deliver policing in a waythat is personal, responsive and tackles crime and disorder effectively andefficiently across Lewisham, Greenwich and Bexley as a whole. Under the new BCUmodel there will be five strands:

  • Response

  • CID

  • Safeguarding

  • Neighbourhoods

  • HQProfessional

  • These will consist of the Borough Commander,5 Superintendents and under those will sit the Chief Inspectors.

    Action 9: RW to circulate informationaround BCU a copy of the above BCU stats.

    Action 10: RW to distribute a mapexplaining the breakdown of all the wards and boundaries.

    Action11:RW to check if the partnership and prevention piece is under the neighbourhoodsstrand.

    7. NovemberAnnual Meeting and AGM

    NG explained that in November there will bean AGM for Safer Greenwich on Thursday 29th November from7pm-7.30pm, followed by the SNB Public Meeting from 7.30pm-9pm.

    EGrequested that all board members try and spread the word of the public meetingto a wide range of people as much as possible.

    8. Itemfor focussed discussion at next Meeting:-

    Thursday 29th November – SNB PublicMeeting: suggestions included Knife Crime and BCU – impact of policing cuts. There should be a presentation from theCommander and MOPAC’s Deputy Mayor.

    Action 12: EG to invite the deputy Mayor

    9. A.O.B.

    • SH gave an update on METRO services explainingthat the LGBT Violence Service is now going to cease this month as funding wascut.

    • GCannounced the upcoming National Hate Crime Awareness Week. There is a communityconference event at the Town Hall on 17th Oct at 6pm-8pm which isopen to anybody interested in hate crime, neighbourhoods and policing and itasks the question who’s responsibility is it to deal with hate crime.

      Action12: GC to re-email details.

    Safer Neighbourhood Project Funding

    METROGAVS is administering grants ofbetween £1000 – £6000 on behalf of Safer Greenwich, forprojects providing crime reduction/prevention activities in Greenwich. For more information, click here or contact Pauline on 0208 305 5000. Deadline:5pm, 15 March.

    Minutes - Safer Neighbourhood Board Public Meeting held on Thursday 30 Nov 2017


    · EG welcomed everyone and invited Councillor Jackie Smith to open the meeting

    · In her opening speech:-

    - JS highlighted the achievements of Safer Greenwich in its second year particularly in running the Safer Neighbourhood Board, holding the police to account, increasing community involvement and reducing crime.

    - JS thanked EG for being an effective chair and the trustees for their time and effort.

    - JS also thanked METRO GAVS for their support.

    - JS highlighted the challenging times ahead with the reduction in funding and police officers, and that it is important to work together and to maximise the resources available.

    · EG thanked JS and presented her with a gift.

    2 Crime Annual Report

    - SD gave his annual presentation on crime and policing in the borough. He resented the crime rates in the borough and then focused on the different plans and strategy for the borough. SD highlighted the focus on protecting vulnerable individuals and prevention of harm. Then SD looked at other areas of performance to gauge the position of policing in RBG.

    · Questions were then taken:-

    - NG asked regarding number of reoffenders

    - SD answered that it is not lack of evidence, perhaps lack of capacity. Aware that victim’s personal statements need to be used more effectively.

    - NG also asked the reason why Queen Elizabeth Hospital is a hotspot

    - SD acknowledged that the reporting happens there but that does not mean the incident actually happened there.

    - SB asked who the burglars are – career or one-off

    - SD answered that most are either cohort of regulars or drug-fuelled. Organised criminals are low.

    - KH asked regarding the effect of body-worn cameras

    - SD said that the feedback has been positive although the impact on Stop & Search is not what he expected. Aware of the difficulties in how the camera is worn. SD will feed this back to his team.

    3 Alcohol related and induced crime

    · SD gave a presentation on alcohol related and induced crimes in the borough focusing on the hotspots, victim/offenders profile and what the police are doing.

    · One initiative is to ask premises to agree not to sell high strength alcohol.

    - JS, as the chair of licensing, highlighted the difficulty of this initiative as it is not a legal requirement.

    · SD highlighted the council’s Alcohol Action Plan 2018 and Operation Fuse.

    4 AOB

    · DB shared that Victim Support has rolled out a training package for the police on supporting victims of crime. This training can be adapted to other organisations. DB asked those who are interested to get in touch.

    · EL asked regarding the closure of Plumstead police station

    - SD answered that the police station planned 2 weeks closure is due to remedial works. The nearest custody suite is Bexley custody.

    · EG highlighted that the Neighbourhood Watch in Woolwich Common is up and running. The one in Woolwich Riverside is at a working group stage after a new approaching in engaging the community. Next would be approaching Abbey Wood.

    · EG also highlighted the Safer & Stronger Communities Conference to be held in the spring and ask RS and JS for a date.

    Minutes - Safer Greenwich Annual General Meeting Minutes held on Thursday 30th November 2017

    1 Apologies

    · Apologies received from JB, AC, PD, CS and BT

    2 Welcome and Introduction to Safer Greenwich

    · EG welcome everyone to the meeting followed by a round table introduction.

    3 Minutes of last AGM

    · The Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting held 1 December 2016 was agreed.

    4 Safer Greenwich Annual Report

    · EG presented the annual report for the period ending March 31st 2017. EG highlighted the funding received from MOPAC and suggested for the process for next year’s funding to begin earlier. EG also highlighted the focus on youth projects.

    · The annual report was accepted by the meeting.

    5 Safer Greenwich Financial Report

    · EG presented the financial report for the period ending March 31st 2017. The financial report was accepted by the meeting.

    6 Election of Trustees

    · At Safer Greenwich’s AGM one third of elected trustees is required to retire but may seek re-election

    - Steve Bone has agreed to retire but wishes to stand for re-election.

    - Adel Khaireh has agreed to retire.

    · The following trustees will continue to be Safer Greenwich board members 2017/18:-

    - Eileen Glover, Errol Lawrence, Gilles Cabon and Karen Hughes

    · The meeting agreed to re-elect Steve Bone

    · EG thanked AK for his contribution as a trustee.

    · Those interested in being a trustee, has been invited to express their interest. It has been agreed for them to attend a SNB Exec/Safer Greenwich board of trustees meeting as observers before making a decision.

    7 Membership

    · The AGM agreed that the membership of SG for 2017/18 would be:-

    - Safer Neighbourhood Panel - Eltham Cluster

    - Safer Neighbourhood Panel - Eltham Cluster

    - Safer Neighbourhood Panel - Greenwich Cluster

    - Safer Neighbourhood Panel - Greenwich Cluster

    - Safer Neighbourhood Panel - Plumstead and Woolwich Cluster

    - Safer Neighbourhood Panel - Plumstead and Woolwich Cluster

    - Stop & Search Panel

    - Independent Advisory Group

    - Independent Custody Visitor

    - Victim Support

    - Community Payback

    - Greenwich Street Pastors

    - Community Faith Leaders Group

    - Greenwich Inclusion Project

    - Greenwich Association for Disabled People

    - Her Centre

    - METRO

    - Young People’s Forum/Council

    EG requested for suggestions of crime reduction organisations.

    8 Appointment of Independent Examiners of Accounts

    · NG recommended Julia Fuller who is METRO GAVS treasurer and a qualified accountant as the independent examiners of accounts.

    · Meeting agreed to appoint Julia Fuller.

    9 End

    · EG thank METRO GAVS, Royal Borough of Greenwich and Councillor Jackie Smith for their help and support to Safer Greenwich.

    · EG formally close the meeting.

    Public Meeting

    Discussion Items:

    - Knife Crime

    - New ways policing is going to work and Community Engagement

    - Impact of policing cuts

    - Presentation from the Borough Commander

    Teas and coffees will be provided
    29 Nov 2018 at 7:30pm
    until 29 Nov 2018 at 9:00pm
    The Woolwich Centre
    The Gallery, 7th Floor
    35 Wellington Street, Woolwich
    SE18 6HQ

    Minutes - Greenwich Safer Neighbourhood Board Meeting held on Thursday 17th May 2018


    Eileen Glover – Eltham South SNP (EG)

    Alf Wright – Plumstead SNP

    Ray Seabrook, Asst.Dir, Community Safety and EnvironmentHealth, RBG

    Errol Lawrence – Independent Advisory Group

    Susan Hailes – METRO

    Gilles Cabon – Greenwich Inclusion Project

    Vicky Tantony - Greenwich Advocacy

    Debbie Hosten GreenwichSafe Places Advocate

    Robert Daniel – Greenwich Safe Places Advocate

    Naomi Goldberg – METRO GAVS (NG)

    Amita Sharma – Minute taker

    Joe Meares - Metropolitan Police

    Peter Durant – Greenwich West SNP

    Steve Bone – Stop & Search Panel

    Jean Morris-Atkinson – SNP – Kidbrooke with Hornfair


    Alison Cullen – Kidbrooke with Hornfair SNP

    Councillor Jackie Smith – Cabinet Member, Royal Greenwich(JS)

    Anne Price – Greenwich Street Pastors

    Stacy Smith – Her Centre

    Simon Dobinson, Borough Commander, Metropolitan Greenwich

    Karen Hughes – Plumstead SNP

    Daniel Bygraves – Victim Support

    1. Welcome and Introductions

    EG Welcomedeverybody to the meeting and introductions were made

    2. Minutes of the previousmeeting held on 15 March 2018

    The minutes of the last meeting were agreed as accurate.

    EG confirmed all action items had taken place.

    3. Matters arising


    4. Presentation on Safer Places Scheme Advocacy inGreenwich

    Debbie Hosten and Robert Daniel who are Greenwich SaferPlaces Advocates explained that the scheme allowed people with learningdisabilities to access safe places if they at any time felt scared or subjectto bullying etc. The ‘Safe Places’ have been trained to support people withlearning disabilities. The scheme has been funded by MOPAC via this SNB. Currently the project is training up ‘SafePlaces’. There is a conference on 31st May to launch the scheme.

    The scheme is being rolled out to as many places as possible i.e.Local shops, supermarkets, libraries, fire stations and hospitals

    It was agreed that the Project should provide a furtherpresentation once the Safe Places had been operational for some time.

    5. Crime and Policing Performance Information

    JM provided informationon a range of questions raised by the SNB executive:-

    • StreetViolence – there are significant responses locally and regionally to try toimprove pro-active policing in this area. Alongside Operation Sceptre, locallythe police are focussed on high risk individuals and in high risk areas. Thepolice are also working in partnership to try to stop people getting i to gangsand to exit gangs

    • Fearof Street Violence – there is a lot of work highlighting the work that thepolice are doing in response to knife crime e.g. weapons sweeps, knife arches,Knife Retail Charter, positive prosecutions. Those present felt that this work mightbe counterproductive as it maintains the focus on knife crime. JM to feedback these concerns in to theMET.

    • Rape– The increase in numbers of rapes could be down to a number of issues e.g.more reporting because of good work around DV, increased confidence to report,ability to report on line. The increase is not down to an increase in strangerrape.

    • Burglary– The increase in burglary was discussed. Burglary appears to be more prolificin Woolwich Riverside and Thamesmead and appears to be mainly small easilysaleable items.

    • Policepatrol – Explained that single patrols were possible but less likely because ofrisk and efficiency issues. There was some concern within the SNB that nosingle patrols took place during daylight hours.

    • HateCrime- Reported that the percentage increases in hate crime appeared high butwere 11 around disability and 12 for faith. There was a high level of concernthat response teams were not being trained effectively around hate crime andthat this training was not planned to happen shortly. In particular it washighlighted that this increase had not seen a commensurate increase in casesbeing bought to the Hate Crime Case Panel

      Agreed that JM workwith SH and GC on sending out information to response teams explaining how thecase panel works

    • SouthEast London BCU - Reported that numbersof inspectors likely to reduce to 1. Each sergeant likely to have 3 wards.There will still be the same numbers of PCSOs and PCs in each ward.

    • Nextmeeting

      Agreed that Borough Commanderprovide

      • informationon the basic training at Hendon around working with people with vulnerabilities

      • anupdate around violent crime and burglary including

        • wardsnumbers and times of day of burglaries along with an understanding of when outhouses/shed burglaries were moved into residential numbers

        • informationon the gangs matrix

    • a BCU structure chart

    • an update on how hate crime training could be progressed more urgently for response teams

    • more detail around local understanding on theincrease in numbers of rapes

      It was also agreed that

    • RS will ask JS if a report back on the violence taskforce could be made

    • Thenext meeting should also receive a presentation around domestic violence

    6. MOPAC 18/19 Funding update by NG

    NG reported that the funding proposals had been submitted toMOPAC and that minor queries had been received back.

    It is hoped that once these queries are sorted that fundingcan be released more quickly than previous years.

    7. A.O.B.

    EG reported that there will be a working group for SaferNeighbourhood panel on 23/6/2018 at GrIP.

    There will be a soft launch of the Connect website at The TownHall on 2/7/2018 6pm-9 pm.

    Neighbourhood Watch main conference is to be half a day on 22/09/Allinfo to be shared with SNP organisations.

    The meeting closed at 8.55pm

    Minutes - Greenwich Safer Neighbourhood Board Meeting held Thursday 15 March 2018

    Greenwich Safer Neighbourhood Board Meeting

    7.00pm Thursday 15 March 2018 at Woolwich Town Hall, Woolwich.


    Eileen Glover – Eltham South SNP (EG)

    Naomi Goldberg – METRO GAVS (NG)

    Peter Durant – Greenwich West SNP

    Alison Cullen – Kidbrooke with Hornfair SNP

    Alf Wright – Plumstead SNP

    Steve Bone – Stop & Search Panel

    Gilles Cabon – Greenwich Inclusion Project

    Councillor Jackie Smith – Cabinet Member, Royal Greenwich (JS)

    Andrew Stuart – Chief Inspector, Met Police Operations (AS)

    Ray Seabrook, Asst.Dir, Community Safety and Environment Health, RBG.

    Jean Morris-Atkinson – SNP – Kidbrooke with Hornfair

    Susan Hailes – METRO


    Adel Khaireh – Independent Advisory Group

    Errol Lawrence – Independent Advisory Group

    Anne Price – Greenwich Street Pastors

    Stacy Smith – Her Centre

    Simon Dobinson, Borough Commander, Metropolitan Greenwich

    Karen Hughes – Plumstead SNP

    1. Welcome

    Eileen Glover Welcomed everybody to the meeting.

    It was noted that this meeting would focus on violent street crime and burglaries. Vulnerable people will be discussed at the next meeting in May.

    2. Minutes of the previous meeting held on 21 September 2017

    The minutes of the last meeting were agreed as accurate.

    3. Matters arising

    It was noted that EG still needs to discuss further with MOPAC how high levels of crime which are as a result of good police work are represented in the MOPAC data and publicity.

    JS reported that funding for the VOCU would continue until the end of March 2019

    4. Crime and Policing within the Royal Borough of Greenwich

    • Tri Borough

    AS provided an update on the development of a tri borough Command Unit. Greenwich, Bexley and Lewisham will become one unit with one Commander. The plans are still at an early stage:-

    o There will be one sergeant for 3 wards.

    o PCs will be able to provide crime reports whilst with the victims via a tablet

    o Need to ensure that there is fairness of provision across the 3 boroughs e.g. schools officers

    o Acknowledging difference in culture but need for unity of processes across boroughs

    o Clarity about where and how to report a crime

    o SNBs will remain separate but may work together on issues and funding bids

    It was agreed that a further report on how the new tri borough arrangement will work should be received at the next meeting

    AS then reported on the levels of crime in the borough. There was a range of debate and information provided:-

    o The total number of notifiable offences has increased as they have across London. Some of this is due to new recording arrangements but there also appears to be some real increases in crime

    o There has been a rise in burglary and a range of initiatives are being put in place both to prevent and to improve detection

    o Concern around the rise in non-domestic violent crime

    o Issues that violent crime could involve weapons other than knives e.g. keys, crutches

    o Concern about how young people are being involved in debates around violent crime. IN particular that MOPAC were unwilling to fund an initiative recommended by the SNB

    5. MOPAC 18/19 Funding Recommendations

    NG presented reported making recommendations as to which projects should be included in the MOPAC funding bid.

    It was agreed that the following projects should be included in the proposal:-

    o CACT Engage ad Inform Programme - £5570.50

    o Neighbourhood Watch for West and South of RBG – £5830

    o I Heart Consent: Sexual Violence Prevention with Young People - £5760

    o Safer and Stronger Communities Conference - £4850

    o Safer Places Scheme - £5912

    METRO GAVS will progress developing this funding bid. They will ensure that the CACT project engages with the Community Safety team in RBG and with GrIP around their workshops prior to their submission

    Any other business

    o EG provided a brief report on the safer and stronger communities conference, which took place on 17th March. The conference was well attended and the level of debate and engagement was good

    o EG will be convening a meeting of SNP chairs possibly with lunch shortly

    The meeting closed at 9.05pm

    Minutes - Greenwich Safer Neighbourhood Board Meeting 21 Sep 17



    Venue: The Gallery, The Woolwich Centre, Wellington Street, Woolwich SE18 6HQ

    SNB Members Present:

    Eileen Glover SNP Eltham South EG

    Steve Bone Stop & Search Panel Representative SB

    Gilles Cabon Greenwich Inclusion Project GC

    Karen Hughes Woolwich Common SNP KH

    Errol Lawrence Independent Custody Visitor EL

    Peter Durant SNP Greenwich West PD

    Alf Wright SNP Plumstead AW

    Daniel Bygrave Victim Support DB

    Observers Present:

    Detective Superintendent Lee Hill

    Naomi Goldberg, GAVS

    Sergeant Shane O’Brien

    PC Matt Woodcock

    PC Paul D’Amiral

    Phillipa Wall, Note Taker


    Len Newland SNP Shooters Hill (Chair)

    Marilyn Little SNP Blackheath & Westcombe (Chair)

    Joan Sowamber SNP Woolwich Common (Deputy)

    Ray Seabrook Assistant Director, Community Safety

    Gary Wells SNP Coldharbour & New Eltham

    Jackie Smith Councillor, RBG

    Adel Khaireh Independent Advisory Group

    1 The Chair opened the meeting and welcomed everyone. Introductions were made.

    Apologies were accepted.

    2 Minutes of the Previous Meeting held on 18 May 2017

    The minutes were agreed as accurate.

    3 Matters Arising

    Minute 5 VOCU Presentation

    The MOPAC dashboard shows an increase in crime detection without narrative and could be open to misinterpretation. EG agreed to ask MOPAC to make it clear this increase was the result of specialised policing and detection, not an increase in the crime rate.

    4 Crime Data Pack

    Detective Superintendent Lee Hill gave a presentation on motor bike enabled crime and knife crime. Both are on the increase and he is working with 12 London boroughs to respond to these.

    • He felt it was important to dispel the myth that the Police will not pursue young moped drivers if they remove their helmets. Each situation is assessed if pursuit is appropriate. They are working proactively on intelligence gathering, offender management and raising awareness of bike owners to prevent their bikes being stolen.

    • In relation to knife crime the Police are working closely with schools, community lead events, TFL and NHS. Good progress has been made with Trading Standards to reduce underage knife sales although there are varying degrees of compliance. Education of retailers is on-going and the Police are in dialogue with the Market Traders’ Association about sales of hunting knives and airguns.

    • Gun crime - he reported that non-lethal weapons, such as air rifles, are being used increasingly and they are working to deter this irresponsible behaviour.

    5 Body Mounted Cameras

    PC Paul D’Amiral gave a presentation on Body Mounted Cameras which have been in use in Greenwich since March . There appears to be a correlation in the reduction of complaints against the Police. Used in conjunction with statements, cameras have been very helpful in domestic violence cases. The cameras are easy to use and the Police advise the public that the camera is turned on. The audio and visual recordings are very clear and cannot be edited. The camera evidence is kept for 31 days and then is automatically deleted so if a member of the public wishes to see their recording they must apply within this timeframe.

    6 Update from Stop and Search Panel

    SB explained that the number of Stop and Searches currently was about 200 a month compared to 800 a month six or so years ago. The Police are rebuilding confidence in this tool to prevent crime as much as achieve arrests. When used appropriately this is good policing. The MOPAC dashboard is presenting the figures differently from previous reports so it is hard to make comparisons over time on the effectiveness of Stop and Search. There is a need to be cautious when analysing the data especially in terms of defining a positive outcome. It was agreed that detailed statistical research of the data was needed. EG agreed to discuss this further with Community Safety within RBG.

    SB was pleased to report the panel has a very good relationship with the Greenwich Police and is grateful for their open door policy, endorsed by the Borough Commander.

    7 MOPAC Funding update

    NG reported

    • the following projects had been approved by MOPAC:-

    o Charlton Athletic football tournament

    o LIFE project

    o Neighbourhood watch

    o Community engagement conference

    • MOPAC rejected the youth project bid

    • Underspend of £659 is to be split 60/40 between the Neighbourhood Watch Project at the Riverside and Safer Places.

    8 Items for focussed discussion at meeting to be held on 30 November 2017

    The Chair asked for subjects to entice people to attend this open meeting:

    The agreed topics were alcohol related and induced crime.

    It was also suggested that the following meeting look at Child sexual exploitation and trafficking.

    9 Any other Business

    • KH asked if the meeting on 30 November was an open meeting. The chair confirmed it is and will be writing to personally invite panel chairs.

    • The Chair reported that all London Safer Neighbourhood chairs had met with the Commissioner of Metropolitan Police, Cressida Dick, who had confirmed full support for Neighbourhood Watch but had advised there could be resourcing issues regarding Safer Neighbourhood Panels.

    • Concern was raised about potential closures of Bexleyheath and Plumstead police stations. Also Eltham station closure is in consultative stage with a meeting to be held on 25 September. This is by invitation only and if you wish to attend you should register as soon as possible.

    • The Chair asked for feedback on the Mayor’s Consultative document on access to policing.

    10 Date of next meeting

    Thursday 30 November 2017:

    7.00pm Safer Greenwich AGM

    7.30pm Greenwich Safer Neighbourhood Board Annual Public Meeting

    Safer & Stronger Communities Conference

    Date: Saturday 10th March 2018

    Time: 09.30 to 15.00

    Venue: Woolwich Town Hall

    This is anall day conference tea, coffee and lunch are provided. The Agenda has been set by the community weare looking for positive and achievable outcome to present to the relevantauthorities. The main themes are BuildingStrong Communities, Crime Reductions and Young People in the Community.

    The BoroughCommander Simon Dobinson will be one of the speakers and there will bePresentations and Workshops on the main Conference themes. This will be your opportunity to make contributionsto setting the new Borough Priorities for 2018/19

    To getfurther information and register to attend

    Contact EileenGlover



    Places arelimited so early registration is recommended.
    10 Mar 2018 at 9:30am
    until 10 Mar 2018 at 3:00pm
    Woolwich Town Hall
    Wellington St, London, Woolwich SE18 6HQ
    SE18 6HQ

    Minutes - Safer Neighbourhood Board Meeting - 16 Mar 17

    Safer Neighbourhood Board Meeting

    Minutes of Meeting held Thursday 16th March 2017


    SNP - Eltham Neighbourhood, Eileen Glover - EG

    SNP - Greenwich Neighbourhood, Alison Cullen - AC

    SNP - Greenwich Neighbourhood, Peter Durant - PD

    SNP - Plumstead Neighbourhood, Alf Wright - AW

    SNP – Woolwich Common, Karen Hughes - KH

    Stop & Search Panel Rep, Steve Bone - SB

    Independent Custody Visitor, Errol Lawrence - EL

    Greenwich Borough Neighbourhood Association, Felix McLymont - FM

    METRO, Peter Vittles - PV

    Independent Advisory Group, Adel Khaireh - AK

    Greenwich Inclusion Project (GrIP), Gilles Cabon - GC

    Victim Support. Shanyka Imiachchi - SI


    Borough Commander Chief Superintendent, Metropolitan Greenwich, Simon Dobinson - SD

    Chief Inspector, Metropolitan Police, Andrew Stuart - AS

    Cabinet Member and Councillor, Royal Borough of Greenwich, Jackie Smith - JS

    Chief Executive, Greenwich Action for Voluntary Service, Naomi Goldberg - NG

    Assistant Director, Community Safety, RBG, Ray Seabrook - RS

    Kidbrooke with Hornfair SNP, Jean Morris-Arkinson - JMA

    Member of the Public, Ivanhoe Norona - IN

    Detective Sergeant, Metropolitan Police, Patrick Wilmann - PW

    Administration Officer, Greenwich Action for Voluntary Service, Helen Love - HL


    SNP – Blackheath & Westcombe, Jane Richards - JR

    SNP - Eltham Neighbourhood, John Blowey - JB

    SNP – North Eltham, Gary Wells - GW

    SNP – Shooters Hill, Len Newland - LN

    Greenwich Association for Disabled People, Anne Novis - AN

    Metropolitan Police, Elaine Crossinggum - EL

    Victim Support, Daniel Byrgrave - DB

    HER Centre, Stacy Smith - SS

    Greenwich Street Pastors, Philip Landergan - PL

    GAVS, Pauline O’Hare - POH


    1. Welcome

    · EG welcomed everyone to the meeting.

    2. Minutes of previous meeting – 01/12/16

    The minutes were agreed as accurate.

    3. Matters arising

    NG reported that the Taser presentation had been sent on to Participation People

    4. Crime and policing performance information

    · RS will circulate the PowerPoint presentation to all attendees via HL after the meeting. Due to technical issues, the presentation was unable to be displayed on the screen.

    · SD reported on:

    o The increase in violent crime and in particular crime with a weapon, gang violence and domestic violence.

    o work that was being carried out to try to reduce moped enabled crime

    o There are 8 complaints listed as ‘other’ in the MOPAC data for the past 12 months. This is a 100% increase. Can you explain the increase/types of complaints being classified as other?

    o How professional standards of police are being monitored/improved via complaints

    o How the work of the Youth Crime Think Tank had influenced policing on the borough.

    o The statistical information available around taser usage on the borough

    There were a variety of questions around the figures provided for taser use, the levels of domestic abuse, operation Bosworth and body worn cameras

    · In response to a question, AS highlighted that the Youth Think Tank scheme had improved awareness for younger police officers of why young people might carry knives.

    · SD announced that the borough is likely to have the use of body worn cameras before September 2017.

    · EG raised a concern on behalf of GW from Coldhardbour/New Eltham SNP around drug dealing on The Mound estate which was intimidating to elderly people in the area.

    5. Hate crime

    · HL will circulate the PowerPoint presentation to all attendees

    · PW provided a short presentation on hate crime in RBG based on the Power Point presentation. The presentation covered the levels of hate crime in the borough and what action was being taken to improve reporting and prosecutions

    · PW reported a Borough Task Force is being set up to increase visibility and provide an asset the police can use, to target high crime areas the community brings to its attention. It will to start from10 April and consists of 3 PSs and 26 PCs. PW also highlighted the Self-Evident App which can be used to record events in real-time for use as evidence in courts. There were a number of questions around the presentation including how the community can report increasing tensions

    · Concerns raised by those present included the need for police to work more effectively in partnership with the voluntary sector, lack of reporting of abuse, whether the Hate Crime Panel focus on high risk hate crime meant that low level abuse was not tackled and whether a voluntary sector staff member could be made available in police stations to support victims of hate crime (as currently happens with victims of domestic abuse) It was agreed that AS and GC along with other voluntary organisations should meet as soon as possible to discuss how partnership working in this area can be improved

    6. MOPAC 17/18 funding

    The SNB agreed that the MOPAC projects were approved. NG provided a summary of reports.

    It was unclear when the deadline was agreed for submission. The applications to MOPAC will need some working on.

    Funding was approved for the following projects:

    · CACT (Royal Greenwich Football Invitational): £4,013.00

    · LIFE (Local Intervention Fire Education): £5,650.00

    · Neighbourhood Watch (Plumstead, Abbey Wood and Thamesmead): £5,130.00

    · Greenwich Police Youth Think Tank (Participation People): £4,500.00

    · Safer and Stronger Communities Conference: £3,250.00

    · YMCA Thames Gateway (Better Futures): £5,582.00

    Six bids totalling £28,125.00

    7. Items for next meetings

    · It was agreed that the May meeting would include a presentation from the Violent and Organised Crime Unit.

    · The September meeting will include a presentation around body worn cameras (and will include the views of police who have used this equipment)

    8. Any other business


    9. Date of next meetings

    · Safer Neighbourhood Board Meeting:

    Thursday 18th May, 7pm (The Gallery, Woolwich Centre)

    · Thursday 21st September, 7pm (The Gallery, Woolwich Centre)

    · Thursday 30th November, 7pm (The Gallery, Woolwich Centre)